How we source our metal & wood

Sleek, classic or contemporary we have what you want


This deep, rich wood stain is nearly opaque over natural grain of the hardwood underneath, but a closer inspection reveals subtle details of the material. A bold choice.


A comforting, walnut shade with deep color. Natural beauty is enhanced through this rich, dark stain which lends drama and presence to the pieces it joins.


Warm and comforting, our hazel stain lets the beauty of the natural hardwood shine through. The grain of the wood is enhanced and accentuated through this color so not one line of its natural appearance is overshadowed.

Au Naturel

We care about where our raw materials come from, so we use clean and sustainable materials. Such as - FSC certified domestic woods, and we don't use any harsh chemicals or fire retardants either. To top it off - For every tree used to make our furniture, our suppliers plant forty in its place. You may be thinking, "That's a lot of rebuilding!" It's beacause, ultimately, our goal is to leave things better than we found them.

Strike while the iron's hot


Opaque and bold, our black metal finish is striking in its depth of color and personality. This inky hue adds a striking effect to any piece.


Our brass finish instantly gives pieces a rich, upmarket appearance with low maintenance due to its color. This finish sparks interest and conversation with its brash statement.


This fine-grained silver finish adds luster and visual interest through its reflective texture. This finish has style and sense.

Pedal, meet Metal.

All of our steel used is cold rolled, we then finish our Powder Coat our metals with coats of brass, silver, and black finishes. Finally, we heat treat all the metal to reinforce it.