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we only get one earth. and we think this one is pretty great.

We love the planet. That’s all there is to it.

In the age of metal bendy straws and aggressive plastic-shaming, Whom knows that sustainability is a top priority (about damn time). We want the planet to look and feel good for as long as it can and we’re more than happy to pull out all the stops to make sure it does. But, both fortunately and unfortunately, it’s all too easy to follow a brand just because they advertise as “sustainable.” Really, what does that even mean? What’s hidden behind all the jargon? Are all companies created equal when it comes to sustainability? The answer is no.

At Whom, we’re completely transparent with you. No fluff. No avoiding questions. No ambiguity. No bullshit. Nothing less than what you and the planet deserve. So, here’s a list of our sustainable practices. No filter.

  • Our lumber is sustainably harvested. For every tree used to make our furniture, we plant forty in its place. This means that, rather than slowly cutting away at our beloved forests, we’re rebuilding them over time. In other words, we’re leaving things better than we found them.
  • Our factory maintains a zero-waste policy. We reuse everything. Trash? Never heard of them. 
  • We take part in a closed-loop recycling program. Through this process, polystyrene is collected out of U.S. landfills and reused in our mirrors, picture frames, and wall décor. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (c’mon, it had to be done). 
  • Our fabrics and foams are toxin and flame retardant-free. No harmful runoff. No poisoning oceans. Ever.

 You might be thinking, ​how the hell do you keep this up?

Long story short, We source over 80% of our materials within the U.S. and own our own factory. This means we have control over where exactly our materials are taken from and can easily hold everyone accountable.

Quality. Controlled.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We have nothing to hide.

We love the planet. That’s all there is to it.