Whom Home exists in order to put stylish, custom, built-to-last furniture at your fingertips: from our eco-friendly factory to your doorstep. Your experience with us will show you who we are.

Our Story

Whom Home is a division of PTM Images, North America’s leading manufacturer of home décor, accessories and furniture. Established in 1995, PTM on-shored production to North America, in July 2011. We own and operate our environmentally friendly, 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in San Luis, Mexico. Our domestic facility gives us the advantage to produce high quality products utilizing an efficient custom, build to order process.

Best in class

With PTM’s cutting-edge French and Italian machinery, dedicated team, and superior quality, we are able to manufacture best in class products for our numerous hospitality clients, interior designers and high-end retailers around the world. Our mission is to successfully meet the needs of each price point tier, while effectively creating the most decoratively aesthetic home décor for you!


PTM is the only vertically-integrated home décor manufacturer in North America. We invest heavily in modern equipment, our teams and business support, each of which function to ensure timely delivery of your orders and better practices. We are the only company currently using sustainable practices such as pulling polystyrene out of the ocean to recycle into our décor pieces. We believe in using the materials that are clean and eco-friendly for all. At Whom Home, we pick a better synthetic fabric that is chosen for durability and a lighter carbon footprint. Our wood is all solid hardwood, and for every tree harvested for our wood, 40 trees are planted in replacement. Our pieces will stand the test of time. This is not fast furniture, and the things we make we will last with you. Whom Home’s founding was on leaving the planet better than we found it.


Through our parent company PTM Images, we have owned and operated our factory in Sonora, Mexico since 1995. While supplying to top retailers nationwide, we perfected the craft of producing top-quality furniture sustainably.


Whom Home is the first and only North American furniture company delivering our own product: top to bottom, start to finish. We’re not a middleman between you and an overseas factory. When you buy a Whom Home piece, it goes from the hands of our craftspeople to your doorstep.


We’re not satisfied with fast furniture practices that flood homes and landfills with toxic, generic, poorly-constructed furniture. Our custom options, distinct designs, and robust construction ensure our pieces’ longevity in your home-not on the curb. Whom Home is furniture for today’s consumer and tomorrow’s planet.

"We don’t hoodwink the consumer, we embrace them. Whom is here to give the customer the freedom to customize pieces that speak to their home, workplace and personality."

- Jonathan Bass, CEO