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Welcome Whom: The Furniture Brand Made For You

Get outta here, fast furniture. Whom is here to bring furniture into the 21st century, and it’s putting its money where its mouth is.

Whom, a direct to consumer furniture company focused on sustainability and custom built pieces that reflect today’s generation. Whom’s authentic. Master craftsmen and women hand-carve each piece, a feat only achievable because of their experience and skill. Each piece bears the signature of its maker through subtle variations in grain, form and expression. With Whom, it’s personal.

Whom is giving personality back to home décor and furniture. Whom’s inspired by people, for people, for go-getters, trendsetters – and even goodie two shoes. Pieces are named after personality traits – the Free Spirit, the Pragmatist, the Influencer, the Trash Talker, the Millennial – and so many more. Whom’s furniture is real – for real people, in real life, and with real quality.

“Whom is here to flip mass furniture upside down. We’re putting the focus back on the people,” said Jonathan Bass, CEO of Whom. “Our product is best in class, and process is sustainable. We don’t hoodwink the consumer, we embrace them. Whom is here to give the customer the freedom to customize pieces that speak to their home, workplace and personality.”

Whom treats sustainability as a priority, and does more than just comply with regulations. The Whom factory maintains a zero-waste policy, and is so efficient that it actually seeks out the waste of other factories so it can reintegrate and recycle it. The result is hundreds of truckloads diverted from landfills and given useful life again as picture frames, décor, and mirrors. See a detailed breakdown of the process here. Foam? Non-toxic. Noxious Flame-retardant? Never. Trees? 40 planted for each felled. Employees? Onsite medical and transportation provided. Why? Happy employees make the best furniture.

With over 50 fabrics in a dozen different weave styles, not to mention six unique wood and metal finishes, you’ve got a lot of options. The Influencer Sofa is a showstopper in pink crushed velvet and brass, and the Philosopher with chocolate wood and snow white linen is a signature piece.

Afraid of commitment? Whom’s swatch box gives you, the customer, the chance to feel all the fabrics, woods and metals in real life before purchasing. Every fabric, every finish. Designing furniture with Whom is a 360 experience, the brand sends build updates at each stage in production, uploading real pictures of purchased pieces to a personal online gallery. Once you order, you’re not left hanging around.

We've been manufacturing since 1995, so this is your opportunity to truly buy direct from the factory. Each piece is handmade, one-by-one and unique in its personality. Whom's team is made up of over four hundred dedicated employees.

At Whom, we do what we love.

Furniture for personalities. For go-getters, trendsetters, and even goody two-shoes.

We use top shelf materials - resilient fabrics, one-of-a-kind woods and metals second to none.

We're custom-built, modern made, and we don't trash the planet.

We're a company of our word, and we set the standard for responsible consumerism.





that's our promise.