What is wall décor?

Wall décor before 13: nonexistent

Wall décor at 13: canvases for teenage heartthrob posters and tacky wallpaper. Anything but tear-out teen magazine posters is a no for me.

Wall décor at 17: tapestries and fairy lights ONLY. If there isn’t at least one botanical print on my wall, there’s no point of having Pinterest. Anything else is for the faint of heart or unfashionable.

Wall décor at 19: prints from contemporary art museums and miscellaneous photos (Andy Warhol? No, no, no. I only like obscure artists.)(Did you see my friends? Yeah, I’m, like, really popular.)

The timeline after that is pretty spotty, but you’ve likely come here for a few reasons. Maybe you want to become the 24/7 Pinterest-ready influencer of your dreams. Maybe you want to buy grown-up art to decorate your grown-up apartment walls. (In other words, you watched a video of a fifteen year old decorating her bedroom and felt guilty.) Maybe you just moved into a new place and don’t want it to look like the last. Maybe you’re just bored. 

In all seriousness, wall décor can elevate a lackluster wall, make hideous wallpaper bearable, cover up the paint chips from your taped-up posters, open up a small space, or just give you something really, really pretty to look at. So, here are some wall décor ideas we don’t hate:

1. Gallery walls

Just pick a few prints that match in color or ~vibe~ and hang ‘em up next to each other. Your room will instantly seem more put together. Here are a few prints we like:

2. HUGE Prints

You're one of the few that love commitment? One wall-covering print will add dimension and depth to any room. These are the best:

3. Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the grownest grown-up of them all?

4. Mirrors AND art

See 1 and 3. Revolutionary.