What On Earth is an Accent Chair?

Accent chairs have attitude

Picture this:

You’re leisurely scrolling through Whom’s website. What do you have in mind? Of course, a chair to go in the corner of your living room. A chair to curl up on during those fleeting rainy days.

A chair to finally finish that book on (yeah, we all have one of those). Or, really, a chair to watch movies on until your eyes get dry. You have plans for this chair. So, with those plans in mind, you hover over “shop.” But, something’s amiss. The words leave your mouth as quickly as they entered your brain: What the hell is an accent chair? No, this isn’t us trying to use pretentious design jargon to confuse you.

They’re more than just arbitrary things to sit on. They’re intentional.

They experiment with materials and shapes.

They bring out the best in a room by complementing other decor, bringing new color and texture to a room’s style or simply looking really, really good.

They’re the art that's not on your walls. They make all your friends say “wow” when they walk into your home.

They can make you feel like a real-life grown up (or the fun-loving kid you’ve missed).

They, best of all, are reflections of you and your personality. The more unique the better.

Can’t be mad at us now, can you? Whom is for personalities. Accent chairs have personalities. We want your home to be you. That’s all there is to it.