What On Earth Do You Put in an Entryway?

entryway n. 

The first impression of your home. Also, often the junk drawer of your home. A dump of miscellaneous shoes (both on and around the shoe rack), loose change on the console table, a stash for soaked umbrellas, and an overcrowded coat rack. If we’re going to be honest, the entryway is also the dump for whatever else we don’t want to deal with at the end of a long day (yes, we know that’s where all of your empty coffee cups and unopened mail goes). 

Instead of running through your front door to get to the safe haven that is your living room couch, why not actually enjoy your entryway?  Entryway design ideas like a stylish area rug, sconces or other decor ideas on the wall space, or even coming up with new storage ideas to help organize can make a noticeable difference. 

Let the entryway set the tone of your home, whether you want to include pops of bold color to cultivate a creative atmosphere, rustic wall art for that farmhouse style comfort, or neutral tones and natural light to create a tranquil setting. If all else fails, those empty cups will look sooo much better on a well-decorated but organized entryway table.

Here are a few entryway decor staples and entryway decorating ideas that can make even a small entryway or mudroom an interior design styling success:


A bench or small table

Well, we do need to put our shoes and change on something, right? Having a stylish, extra storage bench or console table in your entryway will instantly make everything feel more put together (including you), making for a warm welcome and a tasteful reflection of the rest of your home. A throw pillow on the bench is a bonus touch!

Tabletop decor

If you have more space on that entryway table, throw a luxe table lamp, some real or fake greenery, and other small pieces of home decor onto that table to make for a nice personal touch. If nothing else, having some decorative pieces on top of your table will help hide everything else you’ve piled on top of it. Adding a small storage solution tray to hold your keys or a vessel can make your entryway feel less empty while making organization easy. No excuses.



Entryway feeling cramped? Minimalistic round mirrors are perfect for makeup and hair retouches and self-directed pep talks, as well as making any small space feel bigger. Hang one large mirror above your table or mix-and-match with multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes for a gallery wall vibe.



You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to love a great picture. For entryway ideas, choose a couple of prints that flow with your house’s design and your own personality. Frame a few small pieces, hang them up directly on your wall, or ditch the mirror and go all in on a large print. Bonus points for pieces that complement other pieces of art throughout the home like in the dining room or home office. 


Whatever you decide to do, just do something. It's honestly sad seeing a blank entryway. Make an impression. Be pretentious. Get something you don't understand but make sure to tell your guests that you do. Make a statement.

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