Ah, the holidays. That time of year when we celebrate togetherness, good food and finding a parking space at the mall. Frank Sinatra will remind you how “wonderful” it all is, and your Uncle Harry will remind you how “temperamental” his digestion is after he dives into the cranberry sauce while your in-laws glare from across the room. (You may want to keep those pine-scented candles handy.)


Family nuances aside, whether you’re playing host to all your family members for the first time or celebrating joyfully alone at home, making your pad as cozy as possible during the holiday season is a must. And what better way to up the ante than with Whom? Survive family gatherings and holiday parties, get comfy, or just take a break from the constant hustle and holiday stress with the following tips and suggestions.


For parties, whether entertaining a small crowd for Christmas dinner, or everyone in your life since you were in diapers has shown up for New Year's, keep guests merry with the right ambiance. This isn’t limited to candy canes and festive decor. When setting the mood, don’t be afraid to show off a little. Do it with class, spinning some holiday vinyl on The Diplomat Media Console. Throw in some candlelight with a special candle holder, such as the Burj Khalifa, and you’ll really capture the #holidayvibes. Even Grandma will be getting down in her chair. Did someone spike the eggnog?


And lest you stress about the mess, save the spray bottle and dustpan for later — you can relax and enjoy the holiday gathering knowing that Whom’s furniture is both durable and easy to clean. With removable cushion covers, resilient fabrics and quality woods and metals, rest assured that your sofa, tables and chairs will survive the barrage of food, drinks and derrieres that a family holiday is sure to bring.



When the festivities are winding down — even if “festivities” just means you and a glass of 80 proof or a few close friends over for a movie— everyone can use a comfy place to curl up. Sink into the multilayered luxury of The Daydreamer Sofa and be enveloped in its feather downiness. Or let the curvaceous, wrap-around arms of the Curator lounge chair embrace you like a warm hug.



And in the spirit of giving, let’s not forget that upgrading to a Whom piece may mean donating your old furniture to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, a homeless shelter or youth center. This generosity will make up for the fact that you didn’t get anyone presents and sent your entire extended family an environmentally friendly e-card, instead. Or let’s be honest: You could also try to NOT procrastinate this year, and spread the holiday cheer to your loved ones with actual gifts from Whom. You know. That’d be nice, too.


Remember: Nobody’s perfect and neither are the holidays. It’s okay if “family dinner at home” means delivery from GrubHub and taking a mental health day, and if “deck the halls” means duct-taping stockings to the wall. This day and age, there’s no wrong way to celebrate and “expectations” are what you make of them. One thing’s for certain: your Whom furniture will not disappoint. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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