Styling your entryway console table


First impressions are tough so why make them harder? Your entryway is just that. It’s people’s first impression of your home and frankly, your taste in furniture — because people judge. We judge our Bumble dates on their reproduction potential, our parents on how they raised us, and our friends on why they bought that “Live, Laugh, Love” sign that hangs in their kitchen. The entryway to your home is no different.

Your entryway can be more than a short table with a bowl on it for your keys. It can be far more functional and appealing. Think of it as an appetizer to the rest of your home. You don’t want to give it all away upfront, but you do want to give people a taste that leaves them wanting more.

Your first step is finding the right console table to fit the space. In smaller spaces you’ll need, well, a smaller table, so function is your priority. With bigger spaces, you can afford to prioritize style over function. Either way, you really only need four things: A console table (duh), an object on the wall above for balance, accessories for the table, and something for the floor. The great thing about this morsel of space is that it can be covered with any budget, and who doesn't love interior design on a budget?




Create the anchor. You need a focal point on the wall that everything within the space will relate to. Now, this could be several things: a mirror, a piece of art, or a window even. This will give the space a center that pulls the eye. Whatever it may be, make sure its width is at least 50 percent of the length of the table if not the same.


Keep it in threes for the accessories on the table; groups of six might give the wrong idea. Simplicity is key. Don’t clutter the space or make it too busy. You want it to be clean — not like your junk drawer grew legs and set up camp on your entry table. Consider a small tray for your keys, maybe a pen or two, and a letter opener. Set up a vase with flowers, which can be fake or real, but who has time to keep a plant alive? Lastly, candles. A small group of asymmetrical candles or one very large one can work well here.




Now for the bottom floor of your design. Whether you live in a rainy place or not, an umbrella holder can look nice here. Now, remember this is for aesthetic. Don’t pick the umbrella you actually use. We all know that one's for function, definitely not style, and that it lives in the trunk of your car. Pick those cute dainty ones that are just for that Insta photo you took to show off the rain boots you bought (for style and not for function). Poufs or short stools are also great here. The choice depends on the height of your table. Remember, they are for show and not for extra seating. Poufs are those things that look like giant pillows, but they’re not pillows; they’re poufs. They’re also usually leather and not soft.


And for the last stop on this journey through the entryway: COLOR. Remember, this isn’t supposed to be the grande finale of your space; it’s the pre-game. So keep the colors muted and within the same color family only. No one likes to be overwhelmed the second they walk into a space. Tie in accessories with a common color or choose two objects in a main color with the rest in an accent color.

Well that’s all folks. Entryway Design Fairy, out!