Creating a Pet Friendly Home

Fur on the couch. Stains on the rug. Scratches everywhere. If this sounds like your place, either you throw some wild parties, or — more likely — you’re a pet owner.


While mudrooms and stain-resistant ceramic tiles/hardwood floors are definitely ideal components of pet friendly houses for muddy paws, these features might not have come with or might not be viable with your specific real estate. A lot of folks with pets think they can’t have nice furniture, fearing their prized upholstery will get turned into a scratching post or be forever embedded with their pet's fur.  We’re here to tell you that’s just not the case — if you shop smart. Having a furry friend for a family member doesn’t mean turning your living room into a zoo. Taking practicality into account, Whom will guide you to our most functional AND stylish pieces so both you and Fluffy can have your cake and eat it, too.



Go sturdy. When it comes to playtime with ole Rascal, we know things can get rowdy. That’s why you want solid living room furniture that can withstand a few kicks, jumps and bumps during rough-housing. Whom to the rescue. Not only is our custom furniture solidly crafted and wobble-free, it’s non-toxic and clear of hazardous chemicals which can irritate your pet’s sensitive nose. We also recommend minimizing the risk of injury by foregoing glass furniture in favor of a hard surface like wood or metal, and swapping items with sharp corners for rounded shapes. Whom’s oval-shaped Specialist Coffee Table is just one great pet-friendly example. Worried about scratches? Be sure to trim your little critter's nails on the regular.


Go long-term. While certain issues like turning your interior designs into a chew toy can only be curbed with behavior training, Whom is here to help with the rest. In addition to making sturdy furniture, we also carry extreme pet-proof performance fabrics — Classic Linen Weave, Structured Velvet and Velvet Knit. They all come in a variety of colors to accommodate pets and their humans in style. We can’t stop those large dogs from sleeping on the sofa, but we can offer stain resistance and commercial-grade durability. Pro tip: Invest in a lint roller or high-quality vacuum for the pet hair. (And if worse comes to worst, there is always reupholstering.)


Go extra. Forget the couch — who says pets can’t have a little luxury all their own? Pet bowls and pet beds don’t have to be unsightly. With Whom’s pet line, your little Stinky might just have the swankiest living space in the house.



In handsome wood and metal frames with luxurious, pillowy cushions, our pet beds are just that bit of “extra” you’ve been looking for. Think of the possibilities: the photos, the snuggliness, the incredible amount of CUTE. We also offer a variety of pet bowls on raised wood and metal platforms that are as practical as they are beautiful. They reduce strain on your pet’s neck while eating or drinking (great for older or sick animals), and are additionally designed to resist tipping over if your pet is accident prone. No more pet food scattered across the floor.



Do it all sustainably. If you’re an animal lover, chances are you care about the planet, too, and buying organic kibble isn’t the only way to help. How many couches wind up in landfills because of pet-related damage? Buying a Whom sofa that’s going to last, and which can be easily cleaned, despite wear and tear from pets, means fewer couches in landfills, which means less stress on resources to replace those couches, which means more clean air for Fido to run and play. Supporting an earth-conscious future comes full-circle.

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