Modern Pet Beds: Taking A Look At The Latest Trends For Your Pooch

Dogs really are man’s best friend. They are very intelligent animals that can do important jobs, like drug searches, bomb-sniffing, and, recently, detecting Covid-19 in humans by scent. Even more importantly, they are loyal companions and are there for us when we need them most. 

Providing emotional support and tons of kisses and cuddles are just some of the things they do for us humans on a daily basis. They deserve the very best because, at the end of the day, they are a part of our families. 

While their health and wellbeing is the most important thing we can ensure and provide for our dogs, we can always go the extra mile to provide comforts and luxuries to make their lives even better. From toys to treats, cozy sweaters, and doggy-sized rain jackets with matching boots, there are so many ways to spoil your beloved four-legged friend. 

Some people go all out and take better care of their dogs than they do themselves! Doggy mansions, pet carriers, and designer leashes have seen a rise in popularity amongst dog owners. It seems people are willing to spare no expense for their precious pups. 

You don’t have to live large to give your dog all the comforts of home. We suggest taking a look at investing in a high-quality dog bed as a great place to start. Dogs are running, walking, and playing all day long. They deserve a special and cozy spot to rest their heads each night. Read on to take a look at the latest trends for your pooch, including modern pet beds

What Type Of Pet Beds Are Available?

Let’s be honest. While we love our dogs and want the best for them, sometimes their beds can be an eyesore. Typical dog beds come in bold colors with funky patterns that stand out no matter which room they are in (and not in a good way). 

We think it is more than reasonable that you would want your pet’s accessories to match the styles and color palettes of your home. The only thing more chic than a well-styled home is a pet bed that matches perfectly. Below, we have a list of modern pet beds that will have you wishing they came in a human size. 

  1. The Kansas is your classic and traditional pet bed. It is deep and cozy and makes for the perfect place to curl up. It fits a small dog or a large cat and comes in three sizes: small, medium, or large. It is easy to wash and clean if need be. It comes in nine neutral tones that will match any room in your house. It is made from a durable and comfortable linen material. 
  2. The Alpha offers a refined, sleek, and truly modern pet bed design. It offers a unique geometric design with a steel frame that is available in three different metal options. Again, it comes in a small, medium, or large, but it is ideal for smaller pets given the frame surrounding its sides. There are ten colors to choose from, so you are sure to find something to match your style. 
  3. The Little House On The Prairie is one of our most fun and unique designs. It puts a modern spin on the traditional outdoor dog house with a little house that’s meant to be used indoors. You can choose from three shades of woods (black, chocolate, or hazel) that pair with nine color options for the bed. It is like your dog’s own personal hideaway that is comfortable, roomy, and extra cozy.
  4. The Cabana is a similar style to The Little House On The Prairie, but with a more sleek, open design. This pet bed offers an open design with a simple house-shaped frame that outlines the plush bed. Choose your wood color to match the bed, with colors ranging from cream to ruby.
  5. The Throne pet bed is ideal for larger dogs. It has a large cushion set atop a sturdy wood platform. Your dog will love plopping down for a much-needed rest, and they will be able to sprawl out and stretch in any direction they want. 
  6. The Cupcake is one of our most luxurious designs. It has a giant, plush cushion that sits on top of an elegant round frame made of wood. Being raised off the floor helps with temperature control, so this makes a great bed for those fur babies with extra hair. 

Can You Get Any Pet Accessories To Match The Beds?

Yes! You can get lots of accessories to match the dog bed. One accessory in particular that we think should be as high-quality as the bed is their food bowls/feeder stations. That way, you can find a corner of your home that can be made into the designated “dog corner.” 

Your dog (or cat) will have an area of the house they can call their own, and it will also make training easier. They will have a set spot where they know they can sleep, eat, and drink. Here are some options for food bowls that you can mix and match with your dog’s bed. 

  1. The Amorist is about as classic and traditional as it gets with dog bowls. It is made with a metal frame that is hand-cut and welded for a smooth and sleek finish. It comes in brass, black, and silver and has a space for two bowls.
  2. The Floating pet feeder is what you need for a contemporary-styled home. This set is clean-cut and will fit perfectly in your pet’s corner, with a wood base that comes in hazel, chocolate, or black. 
  3. The Dovetail Triple is a unique piece that comes with a wood base and metal trim accents. It has spots for three bowls, which is great for a two-dog or multi-cat household where they each have their own food bowl. Choose from three finishes for the wood and a black, silver, or brass metal for the trim.
  4. The Ego Boost pet bowl is a circular design meant for a singular bowl. Get two of them and make it a pair if you need a food and water bowl. The bowl is placed on a raised circular platform, reducing the strain on your dog’s neck when they go to eat or drink. The base is made entirely of wood that comes in three shades. 
  5. The Downward pet feeder comes in a sleek, rounded design made of wood. It is a true representation of the modernist design with clean, smooth curves. The wood base comes in three colors, and there is room for two bowls. If you are looking for something that will stand out, this is it. 


Dogs deserve to live a life of luxury. After all, they take care of us, and many of them do hard work. They offer unconditional love and support when we need them most. 

While you do not have to go all out and buy them designer leashes and build them giant dog houses in the backyard, we think they deserve a stylish bed and accessories to match. There are tons of chic and modern pet beds that can match your own home decor. 

Typical dog beds are cheaply made and do not last for long periods of time. They also come in bright colors with less-than-chic designs on them. 

Whom Home offers a wide variety and selection of dog beds to choose from, ranging from the standard dog cushion to a more extravagant hand-crafted wood design. Whatever style you have in your home, there are plenty of options when it comes to coordinating dog beds.

We also offer a great selection of dog feeders, which have spots for food and water. These are equally modern and high-quality, and you are sure to find one that matches whichever dog bed you choose. 


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