How to Transition your living space from summer to fall


It’s September, cue the back to school commercials, that ever depressing Green Day song, plaid everywhere, and Ugg season. Welcome to the weird time of year where — in LA — it’s cold in the morning, 98 degrees in the afternoon and cold again at night. A little time we like to call the fall season. Don’t worry, in a month or two, it’ll be cold-ish all day.



Fall decor can be confusing. It’s not quite Christmas, nor is it Thanksgiving, but it’s definitely starting to get cozier in your beautiful home. The fireplace that was kept empty all summer now may have a piece of firewood or two in it. The chunky knit blankets that match your itchy sweater are on the couch, and the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks, but maybe you need some decorating ideas to get on board with the fall season.


You’re probably asking yourself, “What is fall decor and what does it all mean for my living room? My bedroom?” It means you need to warm up the space. Fall decor doesn’t have to be cheesy Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed pieces or artificial “fall” colored leaves and plastic mini pumpkins strewn across your coffee table. Swap your cotton sheets for cozy jersey or flannel, lay out quilts or throw blankets in a seasonal color palette, or add textured, jewel toned throw pillows to your sofa. And trust me — skip the “Give Thanks” pillows and faux gourds on the mantel.

To make transitioning into seasonal decor easy, pick sophisticated pieces that add to your space without clutter. This not only applies adding fall touches to the living room and bedroom, but to the kitchen, dining room, and entryway as well. The kitchen is easy — you can change the fruit bowl on the counter to a fall color and add a pumpkin to it, change the tea towels or add a fall flower or greenery arrangement to the table. In the dining room, you can switch out the runner for a darker, heavier fabric or change the centerpiece to an arrangement of fall candles for a subtle tablescape. In the entryway, stick with subtle natural elementspine cones in a bowl with a  warm color packs a big punch when it comes to fall decorating.



Having interchangeable pieces such as pillows, throws and other decor items in a cooler weather color scheme are simple ways for you to change the vibe of your home decor. This gives you the ability to create a whole new space with a sense of the new season without a high cost or starting from scratch. And who likes living in the same space every day, anyway? Fall is about change, and change is good. Isn’t it the only thing we can really count on other than taxes, death and getting ghosted by our latest Bumble date?



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