Furniture in 2020: Going Green for the Future

It’s 2020. Welcome to the future. 

On your way to work, you can have a latte in your self-driving car while video calling your grandma a thousand miles away and wirelessly buying furniture for your new apartment online. Not only is this possible, but we take many of these modern conveniences for granted.

What kind of science fiction are we living in?

Technology is beautiful. It’s easy. And naturally, it’s problematic. Where does the energy come from that makes your latte, fuels your car and powers your smartphone? Who manufactures the items, furniture or otherwise, that you order at the click of a button? How does an online purchase arrive ever-so swiftly at your door? The answers are complicated and definitely not be taken for granted.

Without energy and materials to create the products we enjoy and without the proper workforce to meet the demand for them, all of our hi-tech amenities mean nothing. What happens when both nature and man reach their limit? Still, many companies continue to exploit resources as if they were endless and abuse workers recklessly. 

It's 2020, and we continue to let businesses like this sell to our weaker natures. Is this the future you always imagined?

Here at Whom, we have something else in mind. We envision a future where buying more is replaced by buying smart. Where companies take responsibility for their carbon footprints. Where sustainability is more important than profit alone. 

And we lead by example.

At Whom, every dollar you spend is part of the solution. We make our top quality furniture products close to home, eliminating the use of unregulated foreign labor and the need to transport container shipments across the ocean. With every handcrafted couch or coffee table you buy, you support a worker earning a respectable living. With every tree used to build your product, you are planting 40 more. And what’s more, by patronizing our company, you are removing polystyrene from the environment by way of our in-house recycling facility, committed to zero waste.

While our pledge to sustainability may seem above and beyond to some, for us it’s just the beginning. We are always striving to do more and we are extending the same opportunity to you.

Just because cheap, foreign-made furniture is convenient and readily available, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. With leading-edge companies like Whom Home bringing an Earth-conscious perspective in the furniture market, you have a choice in this future too. As a consumer, you vote with your wallet. Make every purchase count.

It’s 2020. Congratulations on making it this far. Enjoy the conveniences that come with living in this modern age — and do so with a clear conscience. 

Happy New Decade from Whom!

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