Five Conversation Starters for Your Interior Space

Five Conversation Starters for Your Interior Space

When you go to a party, do you want to talk to Mister Snore or Mama Roar? Lady Windbag or Baby Got Swag? Like people, interiors are more interesting when they have something worthwhile to talk about. Whether decorating your home, office, dorm or vacation getaway, spice up your space with these five pieces sure to tickle your fancy and stimulate conversation.


The Icon Night Stand is a standout classic and anything but ordinary. With crossed steel legs and an open maple wood shelf, it evokes modern charm with just the right amount of discreet storage space. Like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean, it always looks good, no matter what, no matter where. In short: It's iconic. Mix and match metal and wood in a number of gorgeous combinations to coordinate it perfectly with the rest of your interior. If your friends fail to mention it, it’s only because they’re secretly plotting how to get one of their own. Take heart in knowing you had it first.



The Validator Mirror. Who says mirrors are just for looking at? The Validator Mirror will have you half checking yourself out, half absentmindedly stroking its dynamic, metal textured surface. Guests will probably ask why your mirror has that splash of silver over the glass. To which you can simply reply, “Why not?” And voilà! A conversation is born. When not in use to spark dialogue, it doubles as a stand-alone art piece with the added benefit of reflecting light, enlarging the feel of your space and bolstering your self esteem. How’s that for validating?



The Cabana Pet Bed. If you’re like many pet owners, chances are you take every opportunity to spoil your furbaby silly. When it comes to pet beds, however, the generic kind can be so unsightly that many pet parents forgo them entirely. Don’t make Fluffy sleep on the floor just because you couldn’t find a pet bed that matched your décor. With the Cabana Pet Bed, it’s not only the utmost in comfort for your pet, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Customizable in the fabric and wood finish of your choice, this adorable piece of pet furniture is every bit as beautiful, interesting and luxurious as your human furniture. Trust us: People — and pets — are going to notice.

The Acme Ladder. Ladders are making their way across Insta-famous interiors the world over, and while definitely trendy, they’re also highly adaptive to a number of environments. Whether for displaying a handmade quilt or as a functional towel-rack in a guest room, the Acme Ladder is too multifunctional to pass up. The more creative use you come up with, the better — and the more your guests will do a double-take. Hang plants, pictures and decorations. Hook your heels over the bars and make it a shoe-rack. Show off your favorite scarves or ties. Or keep it bare for a quirky talking piece. The Acme Ladder will have you climbing to a world of new possibilities.


The Prodigy Accent Chair. Finally, keep the sparks flying with the Prodigy Accent Chair. If seating areas had fireworks, this chair would be the grand finale. With a metal frame branching out into minimalistic, geometric shapes and a cushy, slightly reclined back and seat, expect people to talk, if not gasp, when they experience this one in all its glory.


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