2 Piece Sectional: Are There Different Types of Sofas for Small Spaces?

You love your small living room. It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s easier to keep clean, and it’s the perfect setting for snuggling up with your sweetheart while you binge watch your current obsessions. The only problem is that the furniture you need is also a little bit of an obstacle, and you have to walk sideways to get to the couch.

Two piece sectionals are excellent options for small living rooms. They can help to open up a space while providing enough comfy seating for your family or a few guests you’ve invited over for snacks and a viewing party. If you’re having a little trouble arranging your living room for both comfort and style, a sectional might be the solution you’re seeking.

A Traditional Sofa in a Small Space

Traditional sofas work well in small spaces when there’s only one, two, or three people who will be using them at one time. Everyone has a little bit of room, and it’s easy to put the sofa’s back to the wall, right across from the TV or the fireplace. 

They may become less convenient under certain circumstances. If you love to spend time in your living room, a traditional sofa may not provide as much comfort. Only one person can lay down on the sofa, and they have to lay down horizontally. Without an ottoman, you can’t stretch your legs out and face the TV looking straight ahead. Anyone else who wants to lounge around is simply out of luck. 

You’re also going to have a tough time when you’re entertaining. You’ll have to take out the uncomfortable folding chairs and find a place to put them. If you have a loveseat, you may need to move it to create a cramped gathering space where people are facing opposite directions. 

If you’re worried about either of these scenarios, a traditional sofa may not be the wisest choice for your small living room. A two piece sectional will likely solve your problems while helping you to create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming small space for your family and your guests.

How do Sectional Sofas Work?

Sectional sofas can be purchased a piece at a time. They’re meant to be assembled with at least two pieces. Some sectional sofas can have half a dozen components or more - it all depends on how much space you have, your design, and any additions like ottomans you’d like to work into your configuration. 

Sectional sofa pieces come in all different shapes and sizes. They’ll include at least one straight piece that serves at the foundation for the couch. You’ll then build around that core piece with left side pieces, right side pieces, or both. Sometimes, the core piece is attached to a side piece with a smaller corner piece. This is usually only necessary when a sectional needs to be put together in a somewhat unusual configuration. 

The most important function of a sectional sofa is that it allows you to bend your couch. Instead of utilizing seating in one straight line that occupies an entire wall or takes up much of the center of a room, the shape of your seating is changed to keep more space free or to mold the seating around a focal point. 

How Will a Two Piece Sectional Maximize My Small Living Room?

In larger spaces, multi-piece sectionals can easily be arranged in the center of a room, away from the walls. If your living room is small, you want to leave as much of the center of the room open as you possibly can. This leaves room for people to walk around in. 

By utilizing the corners and the outer perimeters of a small living room for furniture, you’re leaving as much unobstructed space as possible. Instead of trying to jam multiple pieces of separate furniture into a corner, a two piece sectional will look perfectly built for the place it’s in. The end result is a cozy little seating nook that appears like it’s always belonged there. It’s visually appealing and cohesive. 

Two piece sectionals will also allow you to fully utilize the corners of your room. Corners are often underutilized spaces, because most people design around symmetry and centering things. When you hang your TV in the center of a wall, you’re a little more limited. Your windows can’t be moved, and they might be taking up the prime real estate you need. 

You don’t want to put your TV in a place where glare is constantly facing the screen. The only way to combat that problem is by using blackout curtains to eliminate all the light from the room. That’s the last thing you want to do in a small space. Small, dark spaces have a tendency to feel a bit creepy - almost like a cave or a nocturnal animal’s den. Unless you’re going for a true home theater vibe with your living room, you’ll want to reconsider your options.  

By mounting your TV in the corner diagonal from the corner of your sectional, you’re putting it in a place where everyone sitting on the sectional has an unobstructed view. Natural light won’t be shining directly onto the screen, and the mount can be angled to provide an optimal viewing experience. 

What to Consider When Shopping for a Two Piece Sectional

The biggest thing to consider when shopping for a two piece sectional is whether you want a right hand facing or a left hand facing sofa. The only way to know which one will work best is to figure out where you’re going to put it. You don’t want to block things like built-in shelves, windows, radiators, or crucial power outlets. 

Inspect every corner of your small living space to determine which one will work the best. Take measurements of the space to assure that your right hand or left hand facing piece won’t come so far out that it’s blocking an entrance or exit for the room, like a doorway or an archway. You may need to move your existing furniture to accommodate your two piece sectional. 

Once all the math is done, you know where your sofa is going to know, and you’ve determined whether you need a right hand facing or a left hand facing configuration, the rest comes down to aesthetic and comfort. Do you want to add an ottoman or two? Work those into your arrangement and make sure you have the space for them. 

If you’re choosing a smaller sectional, you want to be mindful that ottomans won’t obstruct the path around the coffee table. This is especially important since your sectional will keep one corner full, eliminating the possibility for an end table between your seating area. If you forgo a coffee table or your coffee table is difficult to get to, people won’t be able to easily access their drinks. 

Choosing an Aesthetic for Your Two Piece Sectional

You’ll need to decide on a fabric and a color. If you want to keep the embellishment and accents of your smaller space to a minimal, it might be a good idea to choose a sectional that’s a slightly unusual color. A blush pink or forest green sectional in a minimalist room will add warmth and a decorative touch without the fuss of coordinating nick nacks or patterns. 

If you love the idea of wallpaper or unconventionally colored walls, you might want to choose a neutral, plain sectional. Something you can dress up or dress down without making its color or pattern the most important point of visual interest in the room. 

Conservative, neutral sectionals afford you with more possibilities. They’ve likely to last through several changes in design scheme or wall color. If you’d like to keep your sectional forever, opt for a pleasantly neutral shade of upholstery. You can add pops of color and patterns with things like sofa pillows or throw blankets. When you want to change things up, simply swap them out. It’s much cheaper and easier than buying new furniture or reupholstering your couch. 

Maximizing the Rest of the Room

A two piece sectional only irons out one of the quirks that happen as a result of having a small living room. You still have the rest of your furniture and storage to contend with. It’s still easy to overcrowd a small space, even when your sofa frees up some room. Consider opting for shelving that’s built into the walls. You can display your books or art objects without adding the footprint of bookshelves or tables to the room. 

If you’re in a rented space, you probably can’t knock out pieces of your wall to accommodate built-ins. The best workaround is to choose tall shelving that utilizes the height of the room, rather than the width. No one will be walking up the walls, so tall shelves are less likely to get in the way.


Two piece sectional sofas are a pragmatic space saving solution that can completely transform your small living space into the perfect nesting area. Just make sure you’ve done all your homework before you bring in pieces that won’t fit the dimensions of your room. A little creative reconfiguring might be in order, but in the end, you and your family will be cozy in your stylish new space.

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