Define Your Space with a Cozy Modular Sofa

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional sofa. Your grandmother probably loves hers to pieces. Traditional sofas are great for people who want a traditional home. It’s a very straightforward decision. If you want a space that feels modern, then you should select furniture that’s modern. That’s where a modular sofa comes into play. 

Modular sofas give you maximum control over the layout of your room. They’re the most customizable seating option you’ll find anywhere. Since you’re essentially creating your sofa yourself, you’ll never find a more perfect fit for your lifestyle and taste. You’ll also never find a more perfect fit for your living room, because you’re building your couch to be the perfect complement. 

Why Choose a Modular Sofa?

Traditional sofas are a little stiff and a little rigid. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the design of a traditional sofa - it’s just a little dated. The foundations for sofas as we know them came to be somewhere around the year 1690. In 1690, there were still nomadic empires in Asia. It would be almost a century before America was founded. 

Needless to say, life was pretty different then. No one was inviting people over to watch TV and play video games, and the person who designed the modern sofa would live and die without ever knowing that electricity could even be a concept. It’s safe to assume the sofa was designed without modern day amenities and entertainment in mind. 

Now, we have a lot more stuff to put in our living rooms and plenty of fun things to do at home. The way we behave at home and spend our leisure time is much different, so a sofa designed for a living space centuries ago may not be in line with our current lifestyles. 

Modular sofas allow you to customize a space exactly to your liking. You can choose how many people you’d like to seat and in what arrangement you’d like to seat them. Do you want a comfy space to lay down on the couch? Great. You can make every seat a lay down seat if you desire. You can even configure your modular sofa into a giant bed for a snuggle-in movie night. 

If you’re holding an event at your house, no problem. You can rearrange your sofa into a new configuration to change your floorspace. You’ll finally have enough room to try out that new VR video game with everyone, or to convert your living room into a home yoga studio for an at-home session with your best friends. These are things you simply can’t do with a traditional sofa, and you shouldn’t let your furniture hold you back. 

Modular Sofas in Small Spaces

When a space is small, you’re limited in what you can do. Large rooms leave you lots of options, but small rooms compel you to work around what’s already there. You can’t block doorways or windows, or arrange furniture in a way that makes it difficult to walk around, enter, or exit the room. Making use of a far corner for your seating area gives everyone a place to get comfy without forcing everyone to tip toe, jump over tables, or sidle to and from their seat.

Modular sofas help you make the most of a small space. If the best place for seating is up against a back wall in the corner, that’s perfectly fine. You can seamlessly construct a sofa to make it look like it was made for the place it was at, so perfectly that it will look like it came with your house. In fact, that’s the whole idea. 

Modular sofas are a great seating solution for small apartments or studio apartments, as well as cottage style homes. They’re also great seating solutions for smaller rooms, like dens or offices, that can do with a few more comfort objects or places to lounge. They also work well in irregularly shaped little hideaways, like lofts. It’s just a bonus that the smaller pieces also happen to be easier to carry up than a big, clunky sofa. 

Modular Sofas in Large Spaces

When you’re placing a modular sofa in a large space, the possibilities are almost endless. You can utilize a wall to back your sofa, or you can arrange it in the center of a room. Large modular sofas in an open square configuration give visitors plenty of room to spread out in front of the TV or around the game table. Corner arrangements work beautifully in large spaces with an open floor plan, helping to better divide the visible areas of the home. 

If your home is built to entertain, a modular sofa makes it easy to design effective seating for as many people as you want. If you plan to have 8 guests or if you plan to have 20, your only limitation is the square footage of the room. You can build a couch to seat an entire army if you often have your huge family over for holidays, for a couch for a hangout of a dozen people if you’re the one who hosts game night. 

Arranging a Modular Sofa

Modular sofas are a bit of a free for all. Sectionals usually have larger pieces, leaving you to choose your center and select left facing pieces, right facing pieces, or both. Modular sofas do come with left and right facing pieces that incorporate things like chaise lounges, but it’s the corner pieces that really make things interesting.

Theoretically, you could use corner pieces and straight pieces to create a modular sofa that would surround the entire perimeter of a room. While it may not be wise or ideal to do that, it just goes to show you how high the level of customization can truly be. 

Modular sofas will also offer you something that sectionals really can’t, and that’s a spin on the traditional sofa. You can lay out six straight pieces and put corner pieces on, creating a long sofa that comfortably seats a dozen, but in the traditional shape of a sofa. These configurations work perfectly for home theaters or theater style living rooms, allowing everyone to sit in a row in front of the screen without having to turn their heads to watch the film. Add a few modular ottomans, and everyone has a comfy footrest. 

Embellishing a Modular Soda

You probably don’t want to purchase modular pieces in a very bright color or loud pattern unless you’re very committed to that color or pattern. If you ever decide to change up your space, repaint, or move, you might not want to carry your original design scheme with you. Dressing up your modular sofa with beautiful, plush pillows and throw blankets adds a personalized touch to your space without that commitment

How many pillows or blankets you need largely depends on the size of your sofa. You might not want to overcrowd a smaller sectional with five large, plush pillows. Conversely, five pillows might look strange on a sectional that could technically seat well over a dozen people. A good rule to keep in mind is that even numbers of pillows tend to look traditional, where odd numbers of pillows tend to look more modern. Correlating the proper amount with the size of your couch is up to you.

Don’t feel inclined to get a set of completely matching pillows. Pull at least one base color and one accent color from the decor of your room. Mix patterns and textures within this color family to make your sofa come alive. Allow yourself to have fun with these colors, textures, and patterns. If you decide you aren’t feeling the gingham thing anymore, it’s not too difficult or expensive to swap out your pillows for something floral or something chevron. These pieces are inexpensive enough to where they don’t need to be a lifetime commitment. 

One or two coordinated throw blankets will immediately send a signal to whoever sees them. These blankets say “Relax. Take a nap. Don’t be in such a hurry.” While the colors, knits, and patterns of throw blankets do serve a decorative purpose, they work most in the sense that they make a living room feel like home. Don’t opt for scratchy or thin blankets just because they’re pretty. Choose soft blankets you’d want to snuggle into. Yes, they’re decorative. But the point is to use them. 


Modular sofas open up an entire world of possibilities for your living room, no matter its size and shape. If you can’t find the perfect couch, it’s easy enough to push one together yourself. Pick an upholstery color that speaks to you, arrange your pieces in a way that looks delightfully comfy, and embellish it to your heart’s content. Most importantly, take plenty of cat naps and enjoy your after-work binge watching sessions in your living room. Relaxing is so much easier in a room that feels like you.

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