An Interview with Whom

Why should I interview a furniture brand?

Look. We get it. What could we possibly be doing differently from all the other furniture companies? Well, take a long hard look at them. After the 48th time reading “timeless mahogany accent” or “generous cushion,” you’ll get the feeling that you’re missing something: Personality. We make furniture for real people that reflects our quirks, our passions and our eccentricities. Nobody needs to live in “50 Shades of Beige.”

Try as you might, you can’t copy Whom. We’re an original among the organic cotton and handmade reclaimed wood nightstands taking over your local showroom.

Let’s get started.


For all those that don’t know your brand, can you start by introducing yourself and what you believe in?

Whom, first of all, makes furniture for personalities. For ALL personalities and for people who want their furniture to reflect who they are. We don’t name our furniture after 19th century sons of prominent New England families (The Douglas Sofa, the Leighton Chair, the Classist Bourgeoisie). We have the Trash Talker, the Pragmatist, the Millennial, the Free Spirit, the Influencer, the Social Climber, and so, so many more. Don’t get it confused, though.  Our materials are unmatched when it comes to quality, durability, and sustainability. Really, we’re not here to trick you into buying a sofa that falls apart after a couple of years. We make furniture to last and we help the planet while we’re at it.


What exactly makes Whom sustainable?

We love the planet. That’s all there is to it. Our wood is sustainably harvested and, for every tree used to make our furniture, we plant forty in its place. Our factory has a zero-waste policy and a closed-loop recycling process, meaning that we take plastics out of landfills and reuse them in our products. In the far, far off future when any of our sustainable furniture does end up in a landfill, our non-toxic, flame retardant-free foams and fabrics minimize pollution and harmful waste. Needless to say, we don’t mess around when it comes to the planet. 

We're FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council certified) and fair trade--we actually care about environmental impact and our carbon footprint, and we're big believers that the furniture industry has the ability to be eco-conscious and make high-quality, eco-friendly furniture if they just tried. 

The world is moving toward natural materials and being more conscious of carbon emissions, and sustainable furnishings and sustainable furniture companies who use sustainable wood for every piece of furniture are going to really shine as people are more conscious and aware of the benefits of that long-lasting, solid hardwood bed frame or coffee table that was made in the USA with eco-friendly materials by a sustainable furniture brand. 

High quality, ethical furniture, home decor and home furnishings can last lifetimes even in high-lived spaces like the dining room and living room, unlike modern furniture that's often ready to retire after a couple years. Think those cheap particleboard bookcases, accent tables, end tables, and even dining tables that you can easily snag on demand from a big box store. 


You make a lot of furniture and, I’m assuming, have some outside suppliers. How do you keep up your sustainable practices long-term?

Actually, we own our own factory and over 90% of our raw sustainable materials are sourced in the United States. This gives us a lot of control over where exactly our materials are taken from and keeps everyone accountable. Plus, Whom is a family. We all have the same values. No one takes the easy way out.


We all know that Whom’s brand is unique, but what’s so special about its furniture?

We believe you should be able to relax on your sofa... with a bowl of pasta. That’s why every Whom upholstery fabric is both heavy duty and commercial-grade. But, that doesn’t mean we’re shipping out ugly sofas akin to bus seats. We take pride in craftsmanship. Our styles are new and fresh. We experiment a lot with metal shapes as well as with our wood furniture. We’re a company of equals, and we all take part in product development.


I think we have a good idea of who Whom is. Do you have any last comments? 

Check out our Instagram @whom.home. You can get a great feel of our style, brand, and voice. We also offer a $5 swatch box that comes with some extra exclusive goodies. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about us and our furniture. Click through the “Info” section and explore.


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