9 Items That Will Make you Breakup with your Old Furniture


It’s hard to know when to break up with your old furniture. Maybe it started out great, but you’ve had a few snags, and the slow and steady march of Father Time has lulled you into complacency. This is your wakeup call. Feast your eyes on the following Whom hotties, call it quits with the old balls-and-chains and get ready to start the furniture relationship of your dreams.


If you’re into the exciting type, the Iconoclast Bench could be your match. Anything but ordinary, this one will destroy your notions of the conventional bench. Its handsome, triangular end pieces and luscious details seamlessly meld luxury with style. This beautiful seating specimen comes in 27 different fabrics with three different wood base options so you can outfit it to match your favorite ensemble.

With its own unique magnetism, the Socialite accent chair will get along with anyone. It’s one of those room-elevating charmers that puts everyone at ease and will make you feel smarter and more attractive than you actually are. This bon vivant walks the fine line of standing out while also fitting in to any circle — maybe yours. Whether grouped with other modern furnishings or as a standout among the traditional, this ultimate statement piece will have you giggling like a schoolgirl.



Ever been caught in a love triangle? Along with the Rebel sofa, the triangular Rebel ottoman will capture your heart. Sure, not everyone understands an outsider — an ottoman gets pushed, kicked around, sat upon, but that’s where it gets its great sensitivity for the underdog. Whether cushioning tootsies, tushies or trays of snacks, this oft-overlooked piece of furniture is as supportive as it is radical. Just walk into a room and try to ignore it. Impossible.

Mysterious and intriguing, the Free Spirit side table will keep you coming back for more. At once curvaceous and rectilinear, it blends warm wood with cool metal, bold style with sinuous grace. While simplicity is part of its appeal, one nevertheless gets the feeling there is more to this freeform shape than meets the eye. Anything but minimal, it defies definition, doing simply what it does best — exactly what it wants, whatever, whenever and however that may be.


Nothing says timeless beauty like a perfect circle, and the Moonlighter Mirror is the apogee of circular perfection. Not to be eclipsed by the dark side, this stainless steel surface reflects a high fidelity image, glass-encased and orbited by a cool metal frame. Lunar cycles be damned — this looking glass is always full, always polished and never goes out of style. And I mean, really, who doesn’t like circles?

Looking for a witty intellectual to share your meals with? The Mastermind dining table is the dining companion you’ve been missing. With its smooth, natural wood finish, you can feel bold in your opinions and secure in your undertakings with this table there to back you up. Its robust size and assertive sturdiness means it will never falter, no matter how many dinners with the in-laws you subject it to. Pair it with The Spartan Bench in matching wood and/or the Contender dining chairs, which come with arms or armless. The beauty of the wood grain and quality of craftsmanship will speak for themselves.