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furniture cut from
a different cloth.

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    Artfully Hand-Crafted

    We make your furniture, decor and art when you want it, how you want it. Everything is personally and carefully crafted just for you.

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    Ships in three to four weeks

    We’re efficient in everything that we do, making our short build time not only possible, but standard. Bye bye 4 month waittimes.

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    Commercial Grade quality

    Our company-owned factory makes high-end furniture and decor for 5★ hotels, and we use that same standard for Whom.

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    Giving Back, Not Giving Up

    We take sustainability and social responsibility very very seriously. Whatever we take, we give more right back.

made to stay
Uncommonly comfortable, too
Let's just say it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Accent Chair Make it yours
Anytime, anywhere, anything you need.
Side Table Make it yours
Boardgames. Vacations. Breakups. We all need a table to tackle the plan.
Coffee Table Make it yours
Experts love Whom.
"If you’re in the market for a beautiful, hand-crafted piece that was made just for you, then look no further than Whom."
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"Whom is not exactly cheap. But trust us that this level of personalization elsewhere would cost you more"
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"Instead of working backwards to hit an unrealistically low price, they simply focused on building the best versions of what they wanted."
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"Whom delivers on its promises."
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Whom are you?
Find your perfect wingman.
woman floating over peacekeeper table
Center your peace with this centerpiece.
Coffee Table Make it yours
Easy like Sunday morning.
Dining Table Make it yours
woman sitting at table eating breakfast
people lounging and laughing on a sofa
Room for all your friends.
Sofa Make it yours
Love what you do, no matter what.
Accent Chair Make it yours
woman on chair eating pizza

Ordering is as easy as...


Pick your piece.

Beautiful pieces designed under the sun in Los Angeles, and proudly made in Sonora, Mexico.


Pick your fabric and finish.

Choices are tough, especially with dozens of options in fabric, metal and wood, but with our swatch & finish kit, it’s as easy as pie.


Show time.

From our hammer to your home in as little as four weeks. Check out our shipping options.

Sample & Finish
  • swatch box of fabric samples
  • swatch box of fabric samples
  • swatch box of fabric samples
Fabric & Sample Kit

People are fickle. So are computers. Different monitors display colors differently, so we're big on in-person experiences for our fabrics. Our kit is here to help you make sure you love the real deal as much as what you see on the screen.

Check our materials Order sample kit
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    Our furniture isn't well-traveled

    We source only North American wood, eliminating unnecessary carbon emissions. Our supply chain is well-documnted, and sustainably produced.

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    We like wood.

    For every tree chopped down, we plant 40 .

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    We love trash.

    We have a polystyrene recycling plant onsite at our factory. We take in waste plastics from dozens of companies and process it into renewed plastics for use in frames and decor. Without us, landfills would be a whole more full. .

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    Power that Makes Sense

    We operate our factory around flex power policies to reduce strains and overloads on the grid. By reducing our usage during peak times, and bumping up production in off-peak times, we reduce the fossil fuel required to generate power. .

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    This ride's on me

    We provide shuttles for our workers to and from the factory, reducing the need for personal vehicles. By getting so many vehicles off the road and into our transport, we reduce traffic and our carbon footprint. .

man reclining on sofa

awesome perks


Fear of commitment? No worries. You'll have 15 days after delivery to send your furniture back if it just isn't working out.