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    We craft your furniture on-demand from FSC-Certified North American hardwood. For each tree harvested, our suppliers plant 40.

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    We take sustainability and social responsibility very very seriously. Our factory takes in 66,000 pounds of waste plastics and recycles it each week.

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    We’re efficient in everything that we do, producing your high quality products in four weeks.

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    • "These pieces of furniture, according to a recent sampling of retailers, are among the bestsellers. A clear front-runner in couch offerings."

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    • "Jonathan Bass got an eight-year head start on shifting production out of China, but while everyone else races to Vietnam and Malaysia, he moved closer to home."

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    • "The bed frames, sofa, sectionals, tables, and chairs all possess streamlined silhouettes, with the occasional pop of color."

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    • "There’s really something for everyone. There’s even a collection of pet beds and bowls that are among the chicest I’ve ever seen."

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    • "Items for every room in your place, with an aim to be as transparent and sustainable as possible."

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    • "Bound to take the world by a storm, each hand-crafted piece can be upholstered in over 50 different fabrics, with a dozen different weave styles to choose from."

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    • "Custom-built Whom home focuses on sustainability with a zero-waste policy"

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    • "Whom Home is... focused on sustainability and custom-built pieces. Each piece is handcrafted."

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        We have a polystyrene recycling plant onsite at our factory, recycling enough EPS to fill the Sears tower, each year, year after year. We take in waste plastics and process it into renewed plastics for use in frames and decor. Without us, landfills would be a whole lot more full.

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        We source only North American wood, eliminating unnecessary carbon emissions. Our supply chain is well-documented, and sustainably produced. Our furniture isn't well-traveled.

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        sustainable power

        We operate our factory around flex power policies to reduce strains and overloads on the grid. By reducing our usage during peak times, and bumping up production in off-peak times, we reduce the fossil fuel required to generate power.

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        We provide shuttles for our workers to and from the factory, reducing the need for personal vehicles. By getting so many vehicles off the road and into our transport, we reduce traffic and our carbon footprint.

        • The Amorist Accent Chair.

          More self love.

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        • The Pragmatist Sofa.

          Room for all your friends.

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        • The Loyalist Dining Table.

          Easy like Sunday morning.

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        • The Peacekeeper Coffee Table.

          Center your peace with this centerpiece.

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        • The Influencer Sofa.

          Never feel bad for looking better than everyone else.

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        • The Pragmatist Sectional.

          Three's company.

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        • The Curator Sofa.

          Choose carefully.

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        • The Promoter Sofa.

          It takes two to tango.

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        • The Philosopher Sofa.

          More self love.

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        • The Prodigy Accent Chair.

          Never be afraid to stand out.

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        • The Iconoclast Bench.

          Be bold.

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        • The Storyteller Sofa.

          Let's give them something to talk about.

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        • The Connoisseur Accent Chair.

          For those who know best.

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